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Legendary actor Meto Jovanovski died at the age of 77

Meto Jovanovski

Skopje, November 16 — The legendary Macedonian theater and film actor Meto Jovanovski has died at the age of 77.

According to the Drama Theater, his last performance in the theater was only 20 days ago.

"Macedonian and regional audiences are left without an actor who will remember him for his charisma, and his fellow actors for the creative energy he conveyed until his last breath. We bid farewell to the bard of Macedonian acting and offer our condolences to the admirers of the great Meto Jovanovski," Drama Theatre added in their Facebook post.

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Jovanovski was born in 1946 in the village of Pancharevo. He graduated from the Sofia Theater Academy in 1971.

The legendary actor will be remembered for his iconic roles and lines in movies such as "Happy New Year 49" (1986), "Tattoo" (1991), "Before the Rain" (1994), "The Great Water" (2004), "Macedonian Part of Hell" (1971), and many others.

Jovanovski is one of the most awarded Macedonian film and theater actors.

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