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Explore the Mobile Operators in Macedonia for Prepaid SIM Cards

Here, you'll find information on the mobile operators in Macedonia, including A1, Telekom, Lycamobile, Mtel, and eSIM services like Airalo and GlobaleSim. The operators offer daily, weekly, and monthly deals of minutes/data, and can be found on average for 4–10 Eur.

Last updated: November, 2023

A1 Prepaid Packages

You can buy prepaid SIM cards from the A1 mobile operator for ~4.8 Eur (299 denars) with a bonus of 100GB of Data, which can be used in the first two weeks of the SIM activation. Additionally you get +50 Denars (~0.8 Eur) credit to use. Find the deal on THIS LINK.

The SIM cards are on sale even in the small shops.

Some data deals you can get are:

* 50GB of monthly data for 16.2 Eur (999 Denars)

* 20GB monthly for 4.85 Eur (299 Denars)

* 15GB monthly for 6.4 Eur (399 Denars)

* 3GB monthly for 3.2 Eur (199 Denars)

* 2GB weekly for 1.93 Euros (119 Denars)

* 1GB daily for 0.63 Eur (39 Denars)

Data deals can be found HERE.

Logo of the A1 mobile operator in Macedonia

Telekom Prepaid Packages

Sim cards from the mobile operator Telekom can be brought online, and as well as in stores.


Starting from 399 Denars (6.4 Eur), a weekly deal includes 10GB Data, 181 Denar credit (2.9 Eur), 100 SMS, and unlimited calls. You can get a SIM card with included 10GB monthly data only which costs 499 Denars (8.1 Eur), and a SIM card with 20GB monthly data, unlimited calls and Internet Balkan roaming package for 1.299 Denars (21.1 Eur).

The other data deals you can get are:

* 2GB+2GB* monthly data for 249 denars (4 Eur)

* 500+500MB* weekly data for 59 denars (0.96 Eur)

* 1+1GB* weekly data for 99 denars (1.6 Eur)

* 1GB daily data for 49 denars (0.8 Eur), and several others

Note*: You will get the bonus if you activate it through their app.

Telekom deals can be found HERE.

Logo of the Telekom mobile operator in Macedonia

Lycamobile Data Deals

Lycamobile is just another mobile operator which you can easily get a prepaid SIM card from, either in the shops or online. 

The data deals you can get from Lycamobile are:

* 3GB weekly data for 99 Denars (1.6 Eur)

* 2GB monthly data for 129 Denars (2.1 Eur)

* 6GB monthly data for 249 Denars (4 Eur)

* 25GB monthly data for 499 Denars (8.1 Eur)

Find the deals HERE.

Mtel Prepaid Packages

Mtel is the newest mobile operator in Macedonia, owned by the Telekom Serbia group. Some of their prepaid SIM card tariffs cost 250 Denars (4 Eur) and include 14GB Data, 50 minutes calls and 50 SMS to the domestic mobile networks, unlimited calls to the Mtel network and 50 Denars (0.81 Eur) starting credit. Meanwhile, a tariff which costs 499 Denars (8.1 Eur) includes 20GB Data, 100 minutes calls and 100 SMS to domestic networks, unlimited calls to the Mtel network and a starting credit of 100 Denars (1.63 Eur). Both tariffs are with a validity of 14 days. 

The data deals you can get from Mtel are:

* 500MB weekly data + unlimited calls to the all domestic networks for 199 Denars (3.2 Eur)

* 3GB weekly data for 89 Denars (1.4 Eur)

* 2GB monthly data + unlimited calls and SMS to all domestic networks for 299 Denars (4.8 Eur)

* 5GB monthly data for 399 Denars (6.5 Eur)

Find the deals on Mtel.

Logo of the MTEL mobile operator in Macedonia


A rise in the popularity of the eSim service is emerging among travellers. An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical SIM.

For that purpose, there are plenty of services providing eSim. Some of them available in Macedonia are:


* 1GB of data for 6$ with validity of 5-30 days

* 3GB for 14$ with validity for 5-30 days

* 5GB for 19$ with validity for 5-30 days

* 10GB for 33$ with validity for 5-30 days



* 1GB of data for 7.5$ with validity of 7 days

* 2GB for 14$ with validity for 15 days

* 3GB for 19$ with validity for 30 days

* 5GB for 29$ with validity for 30 days


* 0.5GB for 3$ with validity for 5 days

* 1GB for 6$ with validity for 7 days

* 2GB for 10$ with validity for 10 days

* 3GB for 14$ with validity for 14 days

* 5GB for 18$ with validity for 21 days

* 10GB for 30$ with validity for 30 days

Additionally, you could apply minutes with the plan starting with 10$ for 100 minutes, 17$ for 200 minutes and 25$ for 300 minutes.

If you are traveling through more countries in Europe there are different plans as well which you can buy for the region.

We recommend using esimdb for comparing data plans and searching through various services.

Make sure to check if your device is compatible with eSim before purchasing.

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