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As of November, 2023

Espresso would cost you from 50 up to 110 Denars (0.8-1.8 Eur)
Oil 65-119 denars (1-1.92 Eur)
Apples 45-58 denars (0.7-0.9 Eur)
Bananas 69-76 denars (1.1-1.2 Eur)
Potatoes 36-41 denars (0.5-0.6 Eur)
Eggs 73-116 denars (1.2-1.9 Eur)
Milk 63-74 denars (1-1.2 Eur)

*This information is designed to give you a glimpse of what to expect when coming to Skopje. The prices are constantly changing and shouldn't be taken as a final reference.

Find more information on the local website for comparing market prices - Cenometar (not updated as of January) or the global site Numbeo.

Currency & How to pay

The official currency in Macedonia is the Macedonian Denar (MKD). In circulation there are coins in worth of 1 Denar, 2 Denars, 5 Denars, 10 Denars and 50 Denars. Meanwhile, the paper money in circulation are worth of 10 Denars, 50 Denars, 100 Denars, 200 Denars, 500 Denars, 1000 and 2000 Denars. You need Denars to purchase everything. Although some places accept Euros, that is an exception, as the Euro is not a valid currency in the country.

Generally, Skopje is a card-friendly place, so you can use your debit/credit card almost everywhere, except for smaller shops and bussineses.

Exchange office

Although you could use your debit/credit card almost everywhere, it is understandable that you would need some local cash with you. When paying with a card, the amount is calculated according to the average exchange rate in Denars. There are many places where you can exchange to Denars, and some of them are right at the airport and the main bus station in Skopje. Many of the exchange offices are located in the city center and around the City Trade Center (GTC Skopje).

But, wherever you exchange money, ALWAYS make sure to ask how much money you are getting when exchanging currency. Be cautious, and avoid exchanging money on the street. No commission is charged at exchange offices around the country, and the sell/buy rates are usually displayed prominently in the exchange offices.

To locate the closest exchange office in Skopje or Macedonia, we recommend using
Zlatna Kniga (Yellow Pages site).

Crypto exchange in Skopje

CoinPrime is one of the places located near the center of Skopje, close to the well known Church of St. Clement of Ohrid. Another one is the CryptoTresor, located right at the beginning of the Old Bazaar in Skopje. Euro Stil, is another place where you can exchange cryptocurrencies in Skopje, located around the Women's Bazaar on Bit Pazar. Check out also the JAK exchange office to exchange cryptocurrencies, at the beginning of the Old Bazaar from the side of Chair municipality. One of the newly opened exchange offices CryptoBase is also located in Kisela Voda, more precisely near the place called "Old Ramp" (Stara Rampa). Find another crypto exchange in the GTC underground.

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