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There are no restrictions to enter Macedonia


There are direct flights to Skopje from 49 destinations. Visit the Skopje Airport website for more up-to-date and detailed information.

Summer flight schedule on Skopje Airport

You can also arrive in Skopje through the Ohrid Airport and the Prishtina Airport.

As there are thousands of connecting/indirect flights to Skopje, we suggest using some of the specialized flight sites like Google Flights, SkyScanner, FlightConnections or searching through your local airline or your nearest airport for more details.

Get to Skopje/Airport

Besides the classic taxi cabs waiting outside the airport, you could also arrange a taxi for a fixed rate, and some companies are doing that deal.

One of them is
Cammeo, offering fixed rates for three zones in the city, starting from 890 Denars (14.4 Eur) in the "Red Zone", 990 Denars (16 Eur) in the "Yellow Zone" and up to 1.090 Denars (17.7 Eur) in the "Green Zone". (See zones here). Reserve through, or call them on 02/15-777.

There is also a
taxi service provided by the Skopje Airport, with cars highlighted in white and marked with numbers from 1 to 65. Their fixed rate to Skopje is 1500 Denars (24.3 Eur).

However, the cheapest option you can get is the airport shuttle by the company "WTransporter". Their tickets cost 199 Denars (3.2 Eur) in one-way and you could buy the tickets at the airport counter and on the bus. 

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Skopje to Airport

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Airport to Skopje

Parking at Skopje Airport in front of the terminal building is free of charge for up to 10 minutes. If the vehicle is parked for longer than 10 minutes, the ticket will cost you 500 denars.

Parking in the parking lots costs 100 denars for one hour, 150 denars for two hours, and 200 denars for three hours. Parking for more than three hours costs 300 denars, from 4-6 hours 400 denars, from 6-8 hours 500 denars, and 8-24 hours 1.000 denars.


Skopje is connected to around 50 destinations around Europe, according to the main website of the bus station. Contact the bus station at +38922466313 or +38922466011 and find more detailed info at SAS.

At the bus station, there is also the option to leave your luggage - backpack, suitcase, briefcase, which will cost you 50 Denars (0.8 Euros) for the whole day.

Additionally, you could also use some of the online bus services like, getbybus, or FlixBus.


Unfortunately, as of April 2023, there are no international train lines from/to Skopje.

Find full information about the visa regime of Macedonia on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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