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  • Relax rent a car is providing car rental service in Macedonia since 2001. They are available 24/7 on WhatsApp and Viber on +38971392488. According to their search, you could search through numerous numbers and can rent some of their cars for 1 day for a price between 48-60€. You can pay cash or credit card.

  • Inter ways has +300 vehicles available and you could pay the service cash or credit card. For 1 day rent you can pay 35-112€, according to their search. They are available on +38923062484 (main office 9AM-5PM) or +38922563313 (airport office 24/7).

  • City rent a car is just another car rental company which offers car rental for 30-75€ a day. They are available 24/7 and can be contacted on +38975208820.

  • Global rent a car offers vehicles available for 85-160€ a day. They have several offices around the region and can be contacted at +38970305602 on Viber and WhatsApp for the office in Skopje and at the airport.

  • Balkan rent a car is offering dozens of vehicles for rent for 23-180€ a day. The service is available in the center of Skopje, as well as on the Skopje Airport. They are available on the phones +38972511115 and +38971211827.


  • is renting mountain bikes for a price of 1.600 Denars (26 Euro) a day. A deposit is required for every rented bicycle. They are available on or +38978982981.

  • Rent a bike Skopje has city bikes, and mountain bikes on offer. They cost 600 denars (9.7 euros) per day, and no deposit is needed. Also, they offer e-bikes for 1.200 denars (19.5 euros), also without deposit. They are available on +38970685816. The service is located on Vasko Karangeleski street in Aerodrom.


  • binbin company started their services in May 2023. With 500 e-scooters in 19 locations in Skopje, this is the first company of this type in Macedonia. You can rent the e-scooter from the parking spots of City Parking Skopje, or on the spots they are left around the city. The ride costs 9 denars per minute (0.15 euro), and a reserve fee cost 3 denars (0.049 euro). Download their application (Playstore/Appstore), scan the QR code of the e-scooter, and ride.

  • Rent E-scooter Skopje offers e-scooters at a price of 1,250 denars (~20 euros) for one day or by agreement if it is a matter of renting for a longer period. The service is located in the bubble tea shop TAI BOBA TEA on Leninova 60.

  • Rent a bike Skopje offers e-scooters for 200 denars (3.2 euros) per hour or 800 denars (13 euros) per day. They are located on Vasko Karangeleski street, and  available on +38970685816.

  • e-Enjoy scooters offers e-scooters for 8 denars/minute, with a fee for the first minute of the ride, which costs 30 denars. Rentals take place through their application. By downloading their application, the promotional price for one minute is 5.5 denars. Their e-scooters can be found all over the city. Download their application on Appstore/Playstore

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