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  • Relax rent a car is providing car rental service in Macedonia since 2001. They are available 24/7 and available on +38971392488. According to their search, you could search through numerous numbers and can rent some of their cars for 1 day for a price between 25-60€. You can pay cash or credit card.

  • Inter ways has +300 vehicles available and you could pay the service cash or credit card. For 1 day rent you can pay 55-139€, according to their search. They are available on +38923062484 (main office 9AM-5PM) or +38922563313 (airport office 24/7).

  • City rent a car is just another car rental company which offers car rental for 30-75€ a day. They are available 24/7 and can be contacted on +38975208820.

  • Global rent a car offers vehicles available for 90-150€ a day. They have several offices around the region and can be contacted at +38970305602 on Viber and WhatsApp for the office in Skopje and at the airport.

  • Balkan rent a car is offering dozens of vehicles for rent for 23-180€ a day. The service is available in the center of Skopje, as well as on the Skopje Airport. They are available on the phones +38972511115 and +38971211827.


  • is renting mountain bikes for a price of 1.600 Denars (26 Euro) a day. A deposit is required for every rented bicycle. They are available on or +38978982981.

  • Rent a bike Skopje has city bikes, and mountain bikes on offer. They cost 600 denars (9.7 euros) per day, and no deposit is needed. Also, they offer e-bikes for 1.200 denars (19.5 euros), also without deposit. They are available on +38970685816. The service is located on Vasko Karangeleski street in Aerodrom.


  • binbin company started their services in May 2023. With allegedly 500 e-scooters in 19 locations in Skopje, this is the first company of this type in Macedonia. You can rent the e-scooter from the parking spots of City Parking Skopje, or on the spots they are left around the city. The ride costs 9 denars per minute (0.15 euro), and a reserve fee cost 3 denars (0.049 euro). Download their application (Playstore/Appstore), scan the QR code of the e-scooter, and ride.

  • Rent E-scooter Skopje offers e-scooters at a price of 1,250 denars (~20 euros) for one day or by agreement if it is a matter of renting for a longer period. The service is located in the bubble tea shop TAI BOBA TEA on Leninova 60.

  • Rent a bike Skopje offers e-scooters for 200 denars (3.2 euros) per hour or 800 denars (13 euros) per day. They are located on Vasko Karangeleski street, and  available on +38970685816.

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