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The majority of the expats in Macedonia are living in the capital Skopje. One of the places where expats from Skopje gather is the Board Game Cafe Samo located in Debar Maalo neighbourhood, where every Sunday there is an event to meet new people starting from 5 PM. Also, expats gather at Irish Pub St. Patrick, which is located on the Quay near the central square.

In Skopje there are international schools like American School Macedonia and NOVA International School. The primary public healthcare system is freely available to all the citizens, as well as the registered expats under a universal state-sponsoder health insurance scheme. Private healthcare is also available with numerous clinics and hospitals. You can apply for permanent residence after five years of legal stay.

There are two vibrant groups on Facebook called "Expats and Foreigners in Skopje [Official]" and "Expats and Foreigners in Macedonia", which are organizing regular "Meet new people" events to gather the expats in Skopje. Meanwhile, the groups are quite active and have around 11.000 members in total.

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