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Skopje's quay alongside the Vardar river is is a popular place for exercise and recreation, including jogging and biking. The quay is in a good condition for around 8.5 kilometers (5.2 Mille) and is quickly and easily accessible from the neighbourhoods Vlae, Karposh, Centar, Aerodrom, Novo Lisiche. There are several zones on the quay where you can practice with equipment.

Many people, mainly for the weekend head for the mountain Vodno which is at an altitude of 1,066 m. There are many mountain roads through which you can reach the top, and the top can also be reached by an asphalted road. If you want to go to the top, but you are not a sports person, you could get to the half-way of the mountain with the public transport of JSP - lines 25, 25A, 25B. (Getting Around Skopje)

A great place to exercise is also the Skopje City Park which covers an area of 350.000 m2 where you can find beautiful landscapes, ponds and flower decorations. The park stretches along the quay.

Numerous gyms and fitness studios can be found around the city. Some of the best rated on Google Maps are "Kinetics Fitness Studio" in Kapishtec, "PowerPlate Studio MK" in Centar, "Project Fit" (Daily ticket for 500 denars/8.1 Eur) in Kapishtec, "ATG Macedonia Gym" in Trnodol (Daily ticket for 300 denars/4.8 Eur and 800 denars/13 Eur for Weekly ticket).

You can find the gyms "Atleta" (Daily ticket 250 denars/4 Eur) and "Terminator" very close to the Railway/Bus station. "Synergy Fitness" is also nearby, where a daily ticket costs 500 denars - 8 euros.

If you're looking for a gym that's open all the time, check out "StarGym", which is located in the Chair neighborhood.

If you are a runner, you can find your running buddy on some apps like Strava in groups like
Skopje Runners or Skopje Night Running. Some popular annual running marathons are Wizz Air Skopje Marathon, and HalkEco Marathon.

Google maps showing gyms and fitness clubs in Skopje

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