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Bolt seeks drivers in Skopje, which hints that they may start operations soon

Updated: 6:15 PM, CEST, September 26

Skopje, September 26 — The company Bolt is using Instagram and Facebook ads targeting Macedonia to recruit drivers for their ride-hailing service in Skopje.

"No commission. This means more earnings on every ride" - this is what the Facebook ad says. Meanwhile, the message "Earn extra money in 3 easy steps", is applied to the ad on Instagram.

The ad on Facebook
The ad on Instagram

Interested individuals can already sign up to work as a driver on their website.

Currently, Skopje is the only city in Macedonia where sign-up for this service is available.

The company told Skopje.IN that at this point, they are not able to comment on their business plans in more detail, and at the same time adding that their research and development team is always looking at new countries for expansion.

Bolt has not officially announced such information on their blog page, and Skopje is not currently listed among the cities where the service currently operates.



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