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“Skopje was a perfect match for us” - E-scooter rental company BinBin started operating in Macedonia

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

For 9 denars (0.15 euros) per minute, people in Skopje will now be able to rent electric scooters and move around the capital of Macedonia. This is the service offered by the Turkish company for renting electric scooters BinBin, which started working in Skopje on May 19.

Two electric scooters of BinBin in the center of Skopje
Two electric scooters of BinBin in the center of Skopje / Photo: SkopjeIN

This service for e-scooters is the first of its kind in the city, and 500 electric scooters are currently available. Most of them can be found at 20 parking stations, while the rest are all over the city.

For Skopje.IN, the Turkish company BinBin indicated that they always assess new countries and cities to expand and that Skopje was a perfect match for them.

“There is a huge demand for urban transportation, people tend to use taxis for transportation a solution for short distance trips was a must in Skopje streets. These short distance trips are our reason to exist. Being first micromobility company in the city also exciting for us”, the company says.

They started operating in Skopje a short time ago, and they say that they will try to improve their volume in the city in the following days.

"But we can say that 3 day activity in the city exceeded our expectations", BinBin adds.

These days, a photo showing a completely dismantled scooter was constantly circulating on social networks. But this case is not in Macedonia, because the scooter is seen to belong to another company that does not operate in the country.

At the same time, photos of a damaged e-scooter of BinBin, as well as one that was thrown into a garbage container, were published on social networks, in which the social networks users indicated that they were photographed in Macedonia.

However, BinBin says that only 1 electric scooter has been slightly damaged so far, adding that, they are a highly experienced team in terms of damage and vandalism management.

„We have teams working 24/7 to interfere any incident on time in order to sustain our service quality and vehicle protection”, the company explains.

Renting these electric scooters is relatively simple. To rent one of them you need to download their application. Through it, later you have to scan the QR code located on the scooters, start the ride, and finish it through the application. Finally, you need to take a photo of the scooter through the application at the end. The payment works with top-up credits, by paying through a bank card.

“We have Segway 2.3 version scooter in Skopje. With these vehicles we can offer 3 different riding modes (Eco, Drive, Sport) that enables our riders to choose the mode in line with their preferences, maximum speed limit of the scooters are 25 km/h. Also our scooters contains shock absorbers that let us offer more comfortable riding experience even in the bumpy roads”, BinBin adds.

The Turkish company points out that when they enter a new country, they always look for options to expand.

“On this regard we are always seeking for opportunities, we may expand our operations in Skopje as well as other cities. We would like to cover as much city as possible, we can say that Ohrid and Bitola are under our radar already”, the company explains.

Otherwise, BinBin points out that as a micromobility company, they aim to transform urban transportation with a more environmentally friendly and efficient way.

“We started our journey in Turkiye on 2019 with campuses of several universities and Istanbul Airport, following the lock downs we all faced within the pandemic period we launched our business on streets of Istanbul. After expanding through other cities, we began our international expansion with Bulgaria; Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia followed this expansion and now Macedonia became the latest BinBin country. Also, our Go Sharing acquisition enabled us to enter Western Europe market while adding our fleet new vehicle options”, the company adds.

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Markku Tamio
Markku Tamio
Jun 14, 2023

The BibBin App's clock runs much faster than normal clock, which means you actually pay twice as much as agreed.


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