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Date of reopening of fire-damaged Belasica bridge unknown

It is not known when it will be possible to re-establish traffic on the bridge between the Transportation Center and East Gate Mall - Belasica, which caught fire on Friday and has been out of service since then.

Belasica bridge in Skopje

Photo: Skopje.IN / Free to re-use, read more here.

A few days after it caught fire, in the wider central area, around the Transportation Center and the Vero Jumbo shopping center and towards Bit Pazar, a huge traffic jam is created.

The independent mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, for TV 21, emphasized that it is not known how long the bridge will be closed for traffic.

At the same time, she indicated that the city is waiting for reports from the Ministry of Interior and the Crisis Management Center, saying that it should be investigated whether the bridge is safe and that its statics should be checked.

In addition, she pointed out that they are aware that chaos is being created, but that it does not depend on the city, how long those repairs will last.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski, pointed out that it is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior to determine whether the fire damaged the statics of the bridge and announced that when the reports are ready, the Ministry of Interior will submit them to the competent institutions.

The director of the Crisis Management Center, Stojanche Angelov, previously stated that the bridge will be opened after its rehabilitation, if that is possible.

"The damage will be further determined, and the City of Skopje will have that information. The movement of pedestrians under the bridge itself is prohibited because there is a possibility of concrete pieces falling." Angelov said.



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