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Skopje's Trattoria Matto Napoletano is once again among the 50 top pizzerias in Europe, according to 50 Top Pizza

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Skopje, May 14 — Trattoria Matto Napoletano, located in Skopje, has once again secured a spot among Europe’s top 50 pizzerias, according to the Italian pizza guide, 50 Top Pizza.


The award was presented yesterday at the Pablo Sixth Foundation Palace in Madrid.


This year, Matto Napoletano is ranked 16th in Europe, setting a new record.

Matto Napoletano

"As a crown of this significant success in continental scale, comes the award presented by the most renowned Italian beer producer, Peroni, who singled out Matto Napoletano from Skopje as the restaurant with the best beer offer and service in Europe for the year 2024", Matto Napoletano stated for Skopje.IN.


They also point out that they are the only pizzeria in the wider region with such a special award.


"A truly rare success story that continuously enriches the local culinary offer and promotes our country internationally", the trattoria added.


In the previous year’s rankings, Matto Napoletano secured the 99th spot among the world’s top 100 pizzerias and the 25th spot in Europe. Additionally, in 2022, they were ranked 41st in Europe.

The Food Guide 50 Top Pizza was established in 2017 by a group of Italian food and beverage journalists. Each year, they compile a list of the best pizzerias in Italy, Europe, Asia and the United States.



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