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Macedonian cuisine ranked 61st worldwide, Ajvar named best relish globally - TasteAtlas awards

Ajvar relish
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Skopje, December 16 Macedonian cuisine is ranked 61st out of 100 countries worldwide, according to the well-known Food Guide TasteAtlas.


This represents a drop of two places compared to last year, but it should be noted that 95 countries were ranked last year — 5 fewer than this year.

According to the Food Guide portal, the most popular dish in Macedonia is Ajvar, rated as the best relish in the world this year and ranked 63rd among the best dishes worldwide.

Following Ajvar, the most popular dishes in Macedonia are Pastrmajlija (Savory pie), Tavche Gravche (Side dish), Zelnik (Savory pastry), and Tarator (Cold soup).


Sarma (Ground meat dish), Lutenica (Relish) and Selsko meso (Stew) are among the best rated dishes.


The top five countries in the TasteAtlas ranking are Italy, Japan, Greece, Portugal, and China.

What's your favourite?

  • Ajvar

  • Pastrmajlija

  • Tavche Gravche

  • Zelnik


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