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Food Delivery Services in Skopje

Updated: 6 days ago

Sometimes you simply just can't cook. But, that's okay.

Macedonia isn't a country which have services like Uber Eats, Bolt, Wolt or whatsoever, but for sure we have some local services. Lots of the food places in Skopje had their own delivery services before, but now many of them are slowly transitioning to cooperate with the specialised food delivery services.

So, where and how to order food? We got you!

Photo: Korpa

Korpa is one of the newest and fastest growing delivery services in the area of Skopje. Their main offers are from the dozens and dozens of restaurants, pizzerias and burger places, but they offer delivery for cosmetics, pharmacy items, drinks, butcher shop, flower shop and items for pets.

You can easily search for restaurants offering gyros, burgers, bakeries, salads, kebaps, fish, pizza, cooked food, doner, sushi, ice-cream, wok, tortillas, pasta, sandwiches, cakes and so on.

Depending on the starting tariff for 1 kilometre, eventually fees for order under a certain amount and additional distance the total amount may vary, but you can see the costs of all of that separately.

Keep in mind that you can order from the service and pick up the order yourself from the restaurant.

Korpa offers contactless delivery and you can pay with cash or card. The service works from 9 AM to 11 PM.

Download their application on PlayStore/Appstore.

Photo: Klikni Jadi

Klikni jadi is already an established delivery service that has been around since 2015.

Macedonian, Mediterranean, American, Arab, Asian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Turkish are some of the cuisines of the restaurants available for delivery on Klikni Jadi's service.

The delivery price is highlighted as information for each restaurant separately, and in this section there is also the amount for the minimum order.

Payment in cash or with card.

Download on PlayStore/Appstore.

FitGuru is a different delivery service from the usual. The platform for healthy eating operates on a weekly or monthly subscription concept, and they bring up to three meals once a day (Monday-Friday) to the customers. Their delivery is free.

The service cooperates only with Markt, who are making their menus, created by certified nutritionists.

Their working hours are from 8:30 AM to 10 AM, and they are delivering in a radius of 5 km from Markt, which is located in Debar Maalo neighbourhood, on street Leninova 29.

Payments are made exclusively online on their website.


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