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Mixed Signals: Bolt continues to seek drivers in Skopje, yet service launch remains uncertain

Bolt&Skopje illustrative image

Skopje, May 6 — The Estonian mobility company Bolt has launched a new wave of advertisements on social networks looking for drivers from Skopje for its ride-hailing service.


On both Facebook and Instagram, the company is reaching out to people from Macedonia and inviting them to register on its platform.


The same ads were launched at the end of September last year.


Skopje.IN last asked the PR team for a statement on April 1. At that time, they said that the company regularly evaluates potential markets for expansion, however, they added that there are many factors that need to be considered before a decision is made to enter a new market.


"Unfortunately, at this point, we are not able to comment on our business plans in more detail. We will definitely let you know once we have an update", Bolt recently told us.


Skopje.IN also asked for a statement in September last year, when such ads were first launched, and the response was similar.


For now, from the available information, the company Bolt cannot be found as registered in the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia.


On the company's website, you can sign up as a driver for the ride-hailing service in Skopje, but the city is not on the list of over 500 cities where Bolt is available.



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