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Macedonia Saw a Total of Over 950 Thousand Tourists in 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

City of Ohrid with the Ohrid Lake
Lake Ohrid, and the old part of the city / Photo by Aleksandar Andreev on Unsplash

Skopje, February 25 — In 2022, Macedonia welcomed 969,277 domestic and foreign tourists, according to the data from the State Statistical Office (SSO).

The largest number of tourists in Macedonia was registered in August, i.e. 190,855, as well as in July with 169,449, and September with 103,787 tourists. Meanwhile, the least number of tourists were registered in February or 35,642 tourists.

In August, domestic tourists outnumbered foreign tourists by 116.182, while in July, foreign tourists reached 77.884.

Meanwhile, in 2021, there were 266,814 tourists less, the data of the SSO shows, when there were still current restrictions due to the coronavirus. Given this, that year a total of 702,463 tourists were registered.

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