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The lack of public toilets in Skopje highlighted through an artistic action


Photo: Ozbek Ajvaz

Skopje, January 30 — Signs about the lack of public toilets in Skopje were placed this morning in several locations around the "Goce Delchev" bridge and in the city park, where the public toilets are located.


According to the artist Ozbek Ayvaz, the lack of public toilets is a pressing problem that the citizens are facing.


"Unfortunately, public toilets have not been functional for decades and lack basic sanitary conditions for use. The artist Ozbek Ajvaz, with this action, wants to highlight and actualize the request and need of the citizens of Skopje to solve this problem, for which the city does not seem to offer any solution", the press release to the media reads.


The signs that were put up read: "This is a public toilet that has not been in operation for several decades and whose operation and maintenance is under the authority of the City of Skopje".


"We, the citizens, given the dysfunctional public toilets in the city, are forced to do our physiological needs in the surrounding facilities such as cafeterias, betting shops and casinos, or overcome our shame, in some hidden corner. At the same time, unpleasant odors and bacteria spread from these places, negatively affecting the health of everyday passers-by in the area and posing a risk for the occurrence of contagions and infections", the signs read.

Public toilet in Skopje
Photo: Ozbek Ajvaz



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