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The Aqua Park in "Boris Trajkovski" and the pool in Aerodrom start the season

Swimming pool

The new season opens in the aqua park at the "Boris Trajkovski" sports center, as well as the swimming pool in the Aerodrom neighborhood.

As previously announced by "Boris Trajkovski", the aqua park will start working on Saturday, saying that "after the stabilization of weather conditions and rising temperatures, the aqua park is a real place for fun and recreation, but also to relax from the summer heat".

A ticket from Monday to Friday costs 400 denars (6.5 euros), and during the weekend and holidays 500 denars (8.1 euros). For children up to 7 years old, the entrance fee is 200 denars (3.2 euros), while for children up to 2 years old, the entrance is free. The deposit amounts to 100 denars (1.6 euros).

The working hours of the aqua park are from 10 am to 7 pm.

The swimming pool in Aerodrom announced the beginning of the new summer season, and they indicated that their working hours are every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

The price of an all-day ticket is 300 denars (4.8 euros) for adults and 150 denars (2.4 euros) for children and pensioners. The half-day ticket, which refers to the period after 4 PM is 200 denars (3.2 euros).

"The pool offers food and drinks from the summer bar. We have several changing rooms, two swimming pools (one 50 meters deep with a maximum depth of 4 meters), and one small pool. Bathers can sit comfortably on our tables or deckchairs", they say to Skopje.IN.



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