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New Cevahir Mall in Skopje has opened

Cevahir Mall Skopje

Skopje, March 29 — The new Cevahir Mall in Skopje, located in the Aerodrom neighborhood, was officially opened today.

The opening of the new mall was celebrated with a music program under the motto "Aerodrom pulsates", which started at 6 PM.

It was reported that some of the brands in the mall will be Turkish children's clothing brand Pancho, Turkish men's brand Lufian, Geely's first car showroom, Kit-Go hypermarket, Sinsay, DeFacto, DM, Sarah Fashion, Prosvetno delo, Playground, Frank Urban Cafe and Babilon Cafe.


Cevahir Mall, as stated, will also host the first 'Concept Room' gallery in a mall, a creative space and exhibition gallery for local artists.

The mall also features the largest mural in Skopje, covering an area of 4,000 m².



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