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March for the International Women's Day in Skopje - "Will Women Survive Here"?

A poster for the march for the international women's day in Skopje on March 8, 2023
Photo: Platform for gender equality

The Platform for gender equality announced the traditional march for International Women's Day on March 8 in Skopje. The march entitled "Will Women Survive Here" will start at 6 pm from Philip II Square, close to the entrance to the Old Skopje Bazaar.

According to the platform, which includes several non-governmental organizations, this march is a protest reflection of the happenings in our country and the collective neglect of women and girls in every aspect. That is, from the growing rates of violence, femicides, daily social and health injustices, and economic insecurity, to high poverty which especially affects women, the platform adds

"To be a woman or a girl in this country means to face a new survival question every day: Am I going to survive this taxi ride?" Will I survive this month? Will I survive this marriage? Will I survive the birth? Will I survive this operation? Will I survive the violence? To be a woman in Macedonia means waking up every morning in fear and wondering how and if you will survive that day", it's pointed out in the Facebook announcement for the event.

In addition, the citizens are invited to march, because, as the organizers say, gender inequality is everyone's problem, and we are only stronger together.

The march is scheduled to end in the Woman Warrior Park, with closing speeches for the public and the institutions.



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