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The Government Limited the Bread Prices to 33 Denars

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Skopje, February 28 — At today's session, the Macedonian Government decided to limit the price of white and semi-white bread - cut into pieces or whole, to 33 Macedonian denars (0.54 Euros).

The highest prices for products, according to the proposal from the Ministry of Economy, are set at 33 denars per loaf, with a weight of 450 grams and more. Additionally, bread with a weight of fewer than 450 grams, up to 33 denars per loaf - a price that will be in proportion to the weight of the bread.

The Government informs that this decision is planned to be applied until May 1 of this year.

In addition, today the Government also decided to cancel the subsidized electricity price for the companies.

The decision for cheaper electricity was made on October 30, and it enabled certain companies from the food industry to receive subsidized electricity.

"After the checks carried out by the State Market Inspectorate, according to the information from the Ministry of Economy, although consumers received subsidized electricity, they did not reduce the prices of their products, or reduced them insignificantly, although, in addition, the prices on the electricity exchanges in the region had a peculiar fall", the Government adds.

Yesterday, the bakery industry strongly opposed the announcements about freezing the price of bread and announced that it would stop production and delivery of bread. Now, they indicated that they are officially waiting for the government's new decisions to come into force and be published in the official gazette.



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