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International carnival parade on Saturday at the Strumica Carnival

Strumica Carnival
Photo: Municipality of Strumica

Skopje, March 14 — An international carnival parade will take place in Strumica on Saturday as part of the Strumica Carnival. The annual carnival is one of the most significant customs and traditions of its kind in the country.

48 groups are expected to march through the streets of Strumica in the carnival parade, some with over 100 participants. In addition to the locals, guests from several countries have been announced, including Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

The carnival officially began on Wednesday (March 13) and will last until next Wednesday (March 20). In addition to the carnival parade, numerous events are planned, such as a children's carnival, exhibitions, concerts, masquerade balls, and the like.

It is believed that the carnival has a long-standing tradition and was mentioned as early as 1670 by the Ottoman travel writer Evliya Çelebija.



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