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AI Tech Summit - First international high-tech summit on artificial intelligence in Skopje

AI Tech Summit Event

Skopje, August 10 — A leading international high-tech summit on artificial intelligence will be held for the first time in Skopje, at the hall of the National Opera and Ballet, from September 29th to 30th.

The summit will discuss the exploration of the power of artificial intelligence and new technologies, as announced by the organizers - TBM Group.

"World-renowned experts in Artificial Intelligence from the world's leading companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Spotify, BBC, Boston Consulting Group, Wipro, Universal Robots, and others. will be part of the speakers and panelists at the first edition of the 'AI Tech Summit' in Skopje, including Jeanne Lim, the creator of the first humanoid robot in the world called Sophia", they pointed out.

The main topics that the summit will cover include the future of work in the era of Artificial Intelligence, ethical and legal norms, and their application, the use of artificial intelligence in industries, as well as the cooperation and co-evolution of artificial intelligence with humans for the advancement of humanity.

More information and tickets for the AI Tech Summit can be found at



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