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A third of young people in Macedonia smoke cannabis, a quarter use cocaine - according to a new survey

Skopje, February 13 — Half of the 119 young people between the ages of 18 and 35 surveyed said they use psychoactive substances during night outs, and 75% of them have done so in the last month.


The findings come from a new regional survey conducted with the participation of the Skopje-based organization Healthy Options Project Skopje (HOPS).

The most commonly consumed substance is alcohol (44.5% of respondents), cannabis - 35.3%, cocaine - 24.3% and MDMA - 21%.


The survey also found that 16.8% of respondents have used amphetamines and 6.7% have used magic mushrooms.


The majority of young people - 85% - responded that they take care of their own health and safety when going out at night.


Regarding demographics, 70% of respondents have higher education and 30% have completed secondary education. HOPS notes that the online survey was conducted over one week, with the majority of respondents being between the ages of 22-25 and 31-35. The survey included 57.1% women, 39.5% men, and 1.68% transgender individuals.



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