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New seasonal air route Skopje - Riga to start operating from May 3, 2024, TAV announced

Panoramic view of Riga
Riga, Latvia / Photo: Unsplash

TAV Airports announced that airBaltic enters the Macedonian market with a new seasonal route Skopje – Riga which will operate between May 3 – and September 30.

"The Macedonian capital, Skopje will be connected to Riga, the capital of Latvia, two times a week, starting May 3, 2024, to September 30, 2024. airBaltic’s new seasonal route, from Skopje Airport, will ensure customers vital connectivity between the Baltic states and the world and will provide them the opportunity to explore these diverse regions with utmost ease and comfort", TAV Airports pointed out.

The general manager of TAV Macedonia Nejat Kurt said that the launch of a new flight to Riga from Skopje Airport and the addition of airBaltic as a new airline to TAV’s portfolio, and Macedonian aviation market, is excellent news.

"This new addition will enable our customers seamless access to a wealth of cultural, historical, and business destinations. This new route will not only enhance connectivity but also enable travelers to explore these diverse regions with utmost ease and comfort – Riga, with its captivating blend of history, culture, and modernity, at the same time being a business hub in the Baltic region, and Skopje, and the Balkan region, with its historical significance, natural beauties, cuisine, and hospitality. We congratulate and appreciate the decision airBaltic has made since this new air route will enable bridging the Baltic and Balkan regions", Kurt said.

The president and CEO of airBaltic Martin Gauss indicated that the airBaltic continues to be the leading airline in the region.

"With the launch of 11 new routes next summer, we will strengthen our position and our ambition to grow, improving the connectivity from the Baltics. When preparing for the next season, we always carefully evaluate the market situation and the passenger demand. This time, we have identified an opportunity to widen our network in Central and South-eastern Europe with connections to Baltic and Nordic countries. Therefore, we are glad to expand the airBaltic offering next summer with convenient direct flights to and from this region", Gauss stated.

Tickets for the new air route are now available for booking through the airBaltic website



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