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Macedonia isolated: No international train lines even in 2024 - the timetable has been published

Train in Macedonia
Photo: Skopje.IN

Skopje, December 8 In 2024 there will be no passenger trains from Skopje to Kichevo, Kochani, and Tabanovce, and there will be no international train traffic from the Macedonian capital either, the news agency Meta reports.

The state-owned company Macedonian Railways Transport has published its timetable for next year. According to this, only eight trains a day will depart from Skopje Railway station to Bitola, Gevgelija, and Veles.

There will be no trains on the remaining routes, meaning that the citizens of Kumanovo, Tetovo, Gostivar, Kichevo, Shtip, and Kochani will officially be left without this means of transport.

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The 2024 timetable comes into force on December 10, 2023, and will be valid until December 14, 2024.

Three train departures from Skopje to Bitola are scheduled at 6:53 AM, 2:30 PM, and 8:05 PM. Trains from Bitola to the capital will depart at 3:14 AM, 12:47 PM and 6:23 PM.

The morning train from Skopje at 6:53 AM will go to the village of Zhabeni, i.e. the train to Bitola will leave at 11 AM.

Currently, two of the planned passenger trains between Skopje and Bitola are not running. Railways Transport will determine when the trains will start departing again from the capital at 6:53 AM and 8:05 PM, as well as from Bitola to Skopje at 12:47 PM and 6:23 PM.

From December 10, two trains are scheduled to run from Skopje to Gevgelija at 6:23 AM and 4:55 PM, while from Gevgelija they will depart at 4:48 AM and 5:02 PM.

The timetable also consists of eight pairs of trains per day between Skopje and Veles, with departures from the capital at 6:23 AM, 6:53 AM, 9:00 AM, 1:20 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:55 PM, 8:05 PM and 10:40 PM. Meanwhile from the Veles railway station in the opposite direction they will run at 5:03 AM, 5:46 AM, 6:27 AM, 12:10 PM, 2:24 PM, 3:24 PM, 6:40 PM and 8:57 PM.



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