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[Video] Winter Kickoff: Macedonia covered in snow

Snwo on Vodno
Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs

Skopje, November 26 — Many places and cities in Macedonia yesterday were covered by the first snow this winter.

According to the National Hydrometeorological Service (NHMS), at 7 AM this morning, there was a snow cover of 20 cm in Debar and Gjurishte, 17 cm in Krushevo, 14 cm in Bitola and Kriva Palanka, 12 cm in Berovo and Ohrid, 10 cm in Prilep, 5 cm in Kumanovo and Shtip, and 2 cm in Pretor.

Snow was falling in Skopje as well, but the streets remained without a blanket of snow, unlike the higher-altitude surroundings.

Snow drifts yesterday led to traffic difficulties on many road routes across the country, as well as traffic interruptions. Several traffic accidents were also registered due to weather conditions. Over the day, significant traffic jams formed on Strazha Pass, Veles - Skopje, as well as Prilep-Bitola routes.

Through social networks, numerous citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the maintenance and cleaning of roads throughout Macedonia.

The snow also caused power outages in numerous places in Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola, Prilep, Krushevo, Kumanovo, Gostivar, Kichevo and other cities.

The police intervened yesterday on the Vodno cable car, rescuing a three-year-old child and three adults who were stuck in the cable car due to bad weather conditions and a lack of electricity.

The temperature today is expected to range from -1 to 7 degrees Celsius.



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