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Two Weeks Prior: Rarely What Foreshadows the New Year's Eve in Skopje

Center of Skopje, December 15 / Photo: Skopje.IN

About two weeks before the arrival of the New Year 2023, in the center of Skopje, there are rarely signs that New Year's Eve is approaching, unlike in other European capitals.

On the popular "Macedonia" street in the central city area, you can see sellers of light balloons and other New Year's requisites, and around them cafes that have decorated their windows with Christmas lights.

In the meantime, typical wooden houses that are characteristic of New Year's bazaars began to be erected in the central square a few days ago. They are placed around the surface fountain for the celebration of the Christmas holidays and New Year's eve.

Wooden houses on square "Macedonia" / Photo: Skopje.IN

But it remains unclear when the city will begin with decorating, when the program will start and how long it will last. The City of Skopje, although they announced on several occasions, has not yet published details about the New Year's program.

At the same time, some of the other cities such as Ohrid, Kumanovo, Debar, and other cities started decorating. The town of Kriva Palanka is also decorated, which users on social networks comment with admiration.



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