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The Traditional Carnival of Vevchani Will be Held From January 12-14

Photo: Carnival of Vevchani / Facebook

In the village of Vevchani, located in the southwestern part of Macedonia, 13 kilometers from Struga, from January 12-14 this year, the traditional Carnival of Vevchani will be held, which according to certain written sources is at least 1,460 years old. At the same time, the carnival is the best known in Macedonia.

Carnival days start on January 12 with popular music. The very next day, the program consists of folk music, and on the same day, the famous mask parade is organized, when the people of Vevchani pass through the village with their masks of the year. The whole event ends on January 14, when the masks are lit.

Domestic musical artists were announced through the Facebook page of the carnival, so on Thursday, the performances of Venko Serafimovski and "Purple Zeppelin", "Fitz and The Invisibles", "Gig Off", "DNK", "Last Expedition" and "Bruka" were announced. For the next day, performances of Nino Velichkovski and "Kumanovski tamburashi", "Banda Entopika", "Pero Beli", "Baklava" and "Next Time" have been planned.

The Carnival of Vevchani in the past, as well as now, attracts the attention of numerous travel sites, regional and international media, as well as many foreign tourists.

Vevchani is the seat of the municipality of the same name, which is unique in Macedonia with only one settlement. In the past, the place has jokingly declared itself a "state", with its own "passport" and "currency".



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