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The traditional carnival of Vevchani begins on Friday

Carnival of Vevchani
Photo: Carnival of Vevchani / Facebook

Skopje, January 10 The traditional carnival of Vevchani, one of the main landmarks of Macedonia, begins on Friday, January 12th, in celebration of the holiday of St. Basil (Vasilica).


"For centuries, this celebration of the holiday goes back, where the people of Vevčani mask themselves on the eve of the New Year according to the old (Julian) calendar", the organizers indicated.


The carnival days begin on Friday at 8 PM, lasting until January 14 and featuring a musical program

The organizers announced that during the Carnival Days, "Young Daddy", Nokaut, Igor Dzambazov and Guru Hare Band, Naum Petreski with Folk Merak Life, as well as the local musicians Pero Beli and Koki Bioritam, but also the Zurna and Drums Orchestra from Vevchani will perform.

Vevchani carnival music program
The music program of the carnival in Macedonian language

"All this is just an addition to the main event of the carnival, the parade of masks that takes place on January 13 in the afternoon. Then the whole of Vevcani is transformed into a large open-air theater, and all the energy of the people celebrating the holiday is absorbed in a beautiful atmosphere," the organizers say.

The carnival ends on January 14, with the event, organized for centuries, culminating in a traditional dance and the burning of masks.


The Carnival of Vevchani in the past, as well as now, attracts the attention of numerous regional and international media, as well as many foreign tourists. Vevchani is the seat of the municipality of the same name, which is unique in Macedonia with only one settlement.



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