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The Minimum Wage in Macedonia has Increased to 20.175 Denars - 325 Euros

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Macedonian denars, MKD currency
Photo: Suad Bajrami /

Skopje, March 13 — Starting from April, the minimum wage in Macedonia will rise to 20.175 Macedonian denars (325 Euros) - increasing by 2.175 denars - 12%. This was decided at today's Economic and Social Council of the Government.

As announced by government officials, the minimum wage will also increase to 20.175 denars for 27.000 employees of the Central Government, as well as for 3.000 employees in cultural institutions.

Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia called on the employers to harmonize the remaining salaries with the amount of the minimum wage. In the meantime, the Organization of Employers of Macedonia indicated that the business will certainly respect the legal provisions for the minimum wage.

The minimum wage is calculated with the increase in the cost of living and the growth of the average wage. It was last increased to 18,000 denars in February last year.

The minimum wage was introduced in 2012 when the lower limit of the lowest wage was 9.000 Macedonian denars.



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