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The Guide&News Portal Skopje.IN Has Been Officially Launched

The Guide&News portal Skopje.IN intended for the capital of Macedonia has officially been launched.

Through numerous pages available on the website, tourists who want to visit the capital city of Skopje, as well as foreigners living in the city, will be able to get information about various aspects that are necessary for their everyday life here.

So, information on how to move around the city, how to arrive, what to do, compare prices with the places they are coming from, where to shop and much more is easily available.

The idea is Skopje.IN to be continuously upgraded with new information, and the current one to be constantly updated in order for the tourists and foreigners to be promptly informed about everything related to the city.

In addition to the guide, which is the main feature of the website, Skopje.IN will offer the visitors general news related to the country and the city in English.

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