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Residents of Skopje generated over 160,000 tons of communal waste last year

Communal waste in Skopje

Skopje, January 18 — A total of 159,196 tons of municipal waste from Skopje households in the urban and rural parts of the city were collected and transported by the Public Enterprise Communal Hygiene last year.


At the same time, the enterprise cleared a total of 10,617 cubic meters of waste from a large number of illegal landfills throughout the city.


Communal hygiene announced that the company's employees continuously maintained the hygiene of nearly 6 million square meters of public and traffic areas.


At the same time, they announced that during the last year they realized eco-lectures, actions and workshops in 30 primary and secondary schools, as well as in 15 preschool institutions in the city.


Last year, the company collected and transported a total of 161.960 tons of municipal waste, and 10,498 cubic meters of waste from a large number of illegal landfills.



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