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Macedonia’s new government formed

Macedonian government
Photo: Brane Petrushevski via X

This evening, the Macedonian Assembly voted in the 20th consecutive government. The new government is led by the center-right coalition ‘Your Macedonia,’ headed by VMRO-DPMNE, along with the center-right coalition VLEN and the center-left movement ZNAM.

This government will have the largest number of ministries yet, following the recent law on ministry reorganization, which also introduced several new ministries.

The government’s term of office is four years.

Who are the new ministers?

  1. Aleksandar Nikoloski – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Communications

  2. Vlado Misajlovski – Minister of Defense

  3. Zlatko Perinski – Minister of Local Self-Government

  4. Stefan Andonovski – Minister of Information Society and Digital Transformation

  5. Borko Ristovski – Minister of Sports

  6. Sanja Bozinovska – Minister of Energy, Mining and Mineral Resources

  7. Cvetan Tripunovski – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

  8. Zoran Ljutkov – Minister of Culture and Tourism

  9. Panche Toshkovski – Minister of Internal Affairs

  10. Vesna Janevska – Minister of Education

  11. Ljupco Dimovski – Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the political system

  12. Ivan Stoiljkovikj – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Inter-Community Relations

  13. Shaban Saliu – Minister without portfolio who will be in charge of Roma integration

  14. Gordana Dimitrieska-Kochoska – Minister of Finance

  15. Timcho Mucunski – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  16. Igor Filkov - Minister of Justice

  17. Goran Minchev - Minister of Public Administration

  18. Orhan Murtezani - Minister of European Affairs

  19. Izet Medziti - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of environment

  20. Fatmir Limani - Minister for social policy, demographics, and youth

  21. Besar Durmishi - Minister of economy and labour

  22. Arben Taravari - Minister of health

  23. Arben Fetai - Minister without portfolio who will be in charge for policies and good governance

The new prime minister is Hristijan Mickoski. He announced an uncompromising fight against crime and the pursuit of the strategic goals, including EU membership and attracting new investments.

In his exposé, the new prime minister announced economic development, emphasizing that he is not seeking a 100-day ‘honeymoon.’ Additionally, he revealed that a new investment worth over 400 million euros will be presented on Tuesday.

The formation of the new government follows the parliamentary elections on May 8, following the victory of the then-opposition party VMRO-DPMNE over the ruling party SDSM.



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