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Macedonia Springs Forward: Clocks Set to Move Ahead One Hour on Sunday

Sunset in Skopje
Photo: SkopjeIN

Skopje, March 24 — Daylight saving time in Macedonia this year starts on March 26, at 2 AM, so by moving one hour forward, the time at 2 AM is considered as 3 AM. Hence, on Sunday the sun will rise at 6:28 AM and the sunset will be at 6:52 PM.

Daylight saving time ends on October 29 at 3 AM.

The time zone used in Macedonia is Central European Time, that is, with daylight saving time - Central European Summertime.

The Macedonian Government says that the need to make this decision is in accordance with European Union regulations.

"The adoption of the decision, according to the rationale of the proposer, the Ministry of Economy, contributes to the monitoring of the long-term economic policy of the Republic of North Macedonia for association with the European Union, as well as taking into account the smooth functioning of certain sectors, such as transport and connections, as well as to other sectors of the industry, which require stable and long-term planning", the Government states.

Despite proposals to abandon summertime in Europe from 2021, possibly by moving winter time up by an hour and keeping that time throughout the year, no such decision has been made so far.




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