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In 2022 the youngest millionaire in Macedonia was 9, and the oldest was 97

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Photo: Eduardo Soares via Unsplash

Skopje, October 31 — The youngest Macedonian millionaire in 2022 was 9 years old with an income of 1,015,740 denars (~16,560 euros).

Meanwhile, the oldest millionaire was 97 years old with an income of 1,277,139 denars (~20,820 euros), according to the analysis of the annual tax return by the Public Revenue Office.

A resident of Skopje reported the highest annual gross income of 446,045,571 denars (~7,274,760 euros).


28 people reported an income of over 100 million denars (~1,630,940 euros) last year, while 995 people reported an income ranging from 10 to 100 million denars.

Meanwhile, 62,455 people earned an annual income of 1 to 10 million denars, while the largest group, consisting of 617,854 people, earned an income ranging from 100 to 1 million denars.

In 2022, a total of 34,870 people earned income up to 10, 000 denars (approximately 160 euros), while 73,559 people reported income ranging from 10, 000 to 100, 000 denars.

The highest annual gross salary in 2022, 144 million dollars, was paid to a citizen of Skopje, working in the wholesale tobacco trade.

The largest reported annual pension was 5.8 million denars (~94.560 euros).

Last year, a total of 789,761 annual tax returns were submitted. The analysis revealed that the submitted returns reported an income of 413, 848, 537, 742 denars, with a total personal tax of 25, 724, 147, 207 denars.



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