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Heating season in Skopje starts today

Photo: Julian Hochgesang

The heating season in Skopje starts today and will last until April 15 next year, with the possibility of extending for another 15 days depending on the outside temperatures.

Currently, the cost of the service remains unchanged. A new decision regarding pricing will be made after the installation of the pipeline on the Belasica bridge, as announced.

Marko Bislimoski, the director of the Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE), stated that the supplier is obligated to maintain a heating temperature of 20+1 degrees Celsius in households during the day, from 6 AM to 10 PM.

The Hydrometeorological Service (UHMR) has forecasted conditions for a substantial drop in daily temperatures by more than ten degrees during the first two working days of the week due to strong north winds beginning on Monday night.

As announced, there will be a rise in daily temperatures starting from Wednesday.



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