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Fake Bomb Threats Disturbed the Residents of Skopje Again

Archive / Skopje.IN

Numerous schools, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, City Trade Center, Cevahir Towers, and East Gate Mall this morning were on target of fake bomb threats. Primary school in Kavadarci was also targeted.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that measures were taken for safe evacuation and that anti-terrorist actions were being carried out.

Such bomb threats, which began on October 26, paralyzed the city on several occasions.

At first, false bomb threats were sent via e-mail only to primary and secondary schools in Skopje. Then, they spread to schools in other cities, and now, they target numerous institutions, shopping malls and housing facilities.

For one of the cases involving the false bomb threats, criminal charges for "terrorism" have so far been filed against a minor who sent false threats after being previously inspired by other cases.

The authorities assessed that these bomb threats are probably hybrid attacks to which Macedonia is exposed and such threats were characterized as a terrorist acts.

In the previous period, bomb threats were also reported in other countries in the Western Balkans region, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. Today, bomb threats were reported in schools in the capital city of Podgorica.



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