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Diamond Mall opens in Skopje

Opening of Diamond Mall in Skopje
Photo: Skopje.IN

Skopje, October 21 — The new shopping center Diamond Mall in the center of Skopje was officially opened yesterday, an investment of the Turkish company "Limak".

The three-day program for the opening of the shopping center began with activities starting at 11 AM followed by a concert by Dzijan Emin & The Magical Orchestra, a drone show, and a performance by DJ Flooder.

The shopping center, which will have over 150 stores, gross leasable area of 47,700 m2, and a family entertainment center of 4,000 m2, has announced a concert of Teen Camp today, followed by a mascot show, a LEGO challenge, and a performance by DJ Nikifor, DJ Mister Mike and DJ Tom Novy.

In addition, the center has announced the opening of "Dream Zone", an educational entertainment center for children and young people with an area of 7,000 square meters.

The program will conclude with a concert by the well-known pop singer Karolina Gocheva on Sunday at 9 PM.

The shopping centre is located near the Museum of the City of Skopje and the Ramstore Mall. Diamond Mall is an integral part of the Diamond Multifunctional Centre.



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