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Blockade of Part of "Ilinden" Boulevard in Skopje on Friday

A blockade of one side of boulevard “Ilindenska” in Skopje has been announced for Friday, starting at 6 AM, after the private carriers of the public transport did not reach an agreement with the City of Skopje. The companies claim that the City owes them money for their work, while the City of Skopje says that the debts have been settled and paid.

Representatives of the private carriers say that they don’t know how long the blockade will last and that tomorrow’s day will show whether they will continue over the weekend and from Monday.

At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that tomorrow there will be a special traffic regime in the city and appealed to the citizens to respect the orders issued by the police officers.

On Monday, private carriers blocked traffic near the Mavrovka shopping center, but then they left space for several days and put the protests on hold.

Skopjans have been facing problems with public transport for some time now after the private carriers stopped driving, and these lines were taken over by the Public Transport Company.



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