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Betting shops and casinos will be relocated at least 500 meters away from schools


Skopje, February 7 — The Macedonian Assembly today adopted amendments to the Law on games of chance and entertainment games.


The amendments stipulate, among other things, that gambling places should be located at least 500 meters away from primary and secondary schools. It will additionally be determined whether the distance will be determined by air or by road.


Previously, the Association of Sports Betting of Macedonia and the Association of Organizers of Games of Chance had organized a protest in front of the Assembly, expressing their outrage at the law and calling on President Stevo Pendarovski not to sign the decree for the law to enter into force.


They pointed out that thousands of people will lose their jobs as a result of the amendments to the law.


With the changes to the law, the price of a license for a betting shop will rise from 105.000 euros to 200.000 euros.


Among other things, slot machine clubs will now pay 100.000 euros for the license instead of 78,750 euros. They will be limited to three business premises, for which the slot machine clubs will have to pay compensation of 30.000 euros.


The law also provides for stricter regulation of online games of chance.



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