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Animal Rights Activists to Protest Stray Dog Killings in Struga on Friday in Front of the Government

Call for a protest / Facebook

Animal rights activists through the social network Facebook sent a call for a protest in front of the government in Skopje tomorrow at 4 PM, after street dogs were killed in Struga a few days ago.

According to the leading animal protection organization in Macedonia, "Anima Mundi", more than 20 stray dogs were killed these days in Struga. Such a case caused a huge discussion in Macedonia, especially on social networks, but also divided opinions, from the justification of the case, to the demand for strict punishment of the perpetrators.

With the announcement of the protest, the citizens were invited to the protest as a revolt against the unfortunate events, and they called on "all of us to show that this cannot be done like this anymore and that we will not be silent about the crimes that are happening before our eyes".

Regarding the case that shook the Macedonian public, the Ministry of Internal Affairs previously stated that they had an interrogation with 62-year-old M.Z. from the village of Livada in Struga, who is suspected of killing seven stray dogs with a firearm on January 10.

"A 16 mm caliber hunting rifle was taken from him for forensic examination. After the case is fully documented, an appropriate report will be submitted", the Ministry of the Interior said.

Macedonia has been facing a huge problem with stray dogs for years. Cases of dog bites and their poisoning are very common in numerous cities in the country.

Responding to a journalist's question today, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski indicated that they will seek help from Brussels for the problem of stray dogs, although, as he added, "it is not our responsibility".

"I spoke with the Minister of Agriculture, during the next visit to Brussels with the relevant departments to discuss certain cooperation through the IPARD programs and if it is possible to make a model of a shelter that will be part of some state project, even though it is not the authority of the state, in order to be able to help the citizens and the municipalities in dealing with this problem", Kovacevski added.

His statement caused a reaction by "Anima Mundi", who are saying that Brussels and money are not necessary, but amendments to the Law on Protection and Welfare of Animals following an urgent procedure.

"For years we have been dealing with the consequences, we are covering up symptoms; animals are killed, citizens suffer, enormous money is spent, but we do not treat the causes, the source of the problem – irresponsible ownership, reproduction, and abandonment! On 10 occasions, Anima Mundi has submitted proposals for amendments and additions to the Law on Protection and Welfare of Animals, in line with the most successful EU practices, supported by EU parliamentarians, which are continuously ignored, and which define measures to control, suppress, and overcome the problem", organization "Anima Mundi" pointed out.


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