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"50 Years MKC" - All-day Cultural Event for the Jubilee on December 28

Laying the foundation stone of the youth center "25 May"

An all-day cultural event with concerts and a film program is planned for the jubilee celebration of 50 years of the Youth Cultural Center (MKC). The entrance is free.

Concerts by the bands Badmingtons, Sanatorium, Chista Okolina, 21 vek, Superhiks, and Dina Jashari and friends, are scheduled from 21:00 in the "25 May" hall.

This, at 3 pm, will be preceded by a film program, i.e. a selection of films from the festivals Giffoni, EHO, Skopje Film Festival, Makedox, Kinenova, Philosophical Film Festival, Flipbook, in the MKC “Pocket cinema”.

The then "25 May" Youth Center was founded way back in 1972, and the doors of this institution are opened exactly on December 28 at noon.



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