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The majority of citizens are dissatisfied with the work of the mayor of Skopje, IRI poll shows

Only 1% of the citizens are very satisfied with the work of the mayor Danela Arsovska, while 18% are somewhat satisfied. In contrast to this, 50% are very unsatisfied, and 21% are somewhat unsatisfied.

This was shown by the latest national survey of the International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted from April 8 to May 4 this year.

53% of the citizens answered that another candidate should be elected, when asked "Does the mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, do her job well enough to be re-elected or should a new mayor be elected?". Meanwhile, 29% think that Arsovska should be re-elected.

The Council of the City of Skopje enjoys the trust of 2% of the citizens who answered that they are very satisfied, that is, 25% who are somewhat satisfied, and 23% are somewhat unsatisfied or 37% very unsatisfied.

According to the citizens, the most serious problems facing Skopje today is public transport, followed by urban planning and development, and safety/crime.

The majority of citizens believe that Macedonia is heading in the wrong direction - 56%.

Of the respondents, 29% answered “neutral”, while 14% answered that the country is moving in the right direction. This represents a slight positive difference of a few percentage points compared to October 2022.

The poverty, low standard of living, and problems of the common people is the most important problem, followed by high prices, the economic situation, and low or non-payment of salary or pension, as the citizens pointed out.

You can find the full survey at the following LINK.



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