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Skopje Pride Parade to be held on June 22

Skopje, May 26 — The fifth Pride Parade in Skopje will take place on June 22nd, under the motto "Spectacularly Disobedient", the representatives of the National Network against Homophobia and Transphobia announced at a press conference.

The parade will start at 5 PM from the Women Fighter Park, and at 7 PM the protest march through the streets of Skopje will begin.

The event will culminate with a cultural and musical program at the ARM Stadium in City Park.

The executive director of EKVALIS, Angel Dimitrievski, said that the Pride Parade is just one day when LGBTI people can be visible and authentic.

"We should not forget that this is a community under great pressure to hide their identities in the private space, and even there in the most hidden spaces: at home, among the family, at school or at work, LGBTI+ people are most vulnerable to violence. When even in the space where we should be the most secure, we experience the most painful moments, then it means that this society must change radically", Dimitrievski said.

The organizers expect the safety level to be high again this year, just like in previous years.

They also emphasized that the parade will be one of the best and most attended events in Skopje, as they said the parades in previous years have proven.

The first Pride Parade in Skopje and in Macedonia in general took place in 2019.



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