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Single labor market of Macedonia, Serbia, and Albania has started

Flags of Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia
Photo: MK Government

Skopje, March 3 — The single labor market of the Open Balkan initiative, whose members are Macedonia, Serbia, and Albania, began on March 1.

Citizens can now work in all three countries with a unique identification number, without any additional procedures.

People who are looking for a job or have already found an employer in one of the Open Balkan member countries should have a unique identification number for which they can register electronically.

The competent authorities will then generate a unique Open Balkans (IDOB) identification number. Afterwards, those who have registered can apply for free access to the labor market of a specific country.

Once approved, the person can be employed under the same conditions as a local citizen of the state for up to two years, after the expiration of this period, the work permit can be extended.

The Open Balkan is an economic and political zone established in July 2021.



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