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Power bank sharing service Brick starts operations in Macedonia

Brick service
Photo: Brick

Skopje, May 21 — The service for power bank sharing, Stockholm-based startup Brick officially launched operations in Macedonia in May. Using the application, you can already find dozens of restaurants and cafés in Skopje where you can rent a Brick power bank.

Renting costs 59 denars (€0.96/20 May) per hour, or 199 denars (€3.23/20 May) for 24 hours. If the power bank is not returned within 5 days, it remains in the possession of the user, and they will be charged 1.499 denars (€24.33/20 May), according to the Brick team in Macedonia.

Brick Stations app
Part of the Brick stations in Skopje

Brick Macedonia explains to Skopje.IN that they began implementing their service in August last year by setting up the necessary infrastructure and preparing for a successful launch.

Their initial focus, they say, is on setting up stations in Skopje.

‘However, we are already working on expanding to other cities, with Ohrid being one of the first cities where we plan to introduce new stations. In the future, we hope that every city in Macedonia will have Brick stations available’, they pointed out.


How does the rental work?

To rent a power bank, as the company points out, you need to find a station and insert a payment card into the app. After scanning the station’s QR code in the application, you can start the rental at a specified hourly rate, which is displayed beforehand. You can then use the power bank for as long as you need it (maximum 5 days).

Afterward, as mentioned, you can return the power bank to any Brick station, whether it's in a different venue, city, or even another country where Brick is available. Upon return, you will automatically be charged for the duration of the rental.

The Brick power bank comes with three available cables: Lightning (Apple),  Type-C, and Micro-USB.


Brick Macedonia announces that the power bank stations will be available in various venues, from small coffee shops to restaurants, from shopping malls to airports.


‘As part of our launch promotion, we are offering 15 minutes of free charging. This means you can rent and return a Brick power bank within 15 minutes at no cost’, the team added.

At the moment, they have limited local support available in Macedonia, adding that their main support team is based in Sweden. For any assistance, as Brick Macedonia adds, you can contact their support team via the application or social media profiles or visit their website for more information.




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