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New Changes to the Electricity Price in Macedonia From 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE) announced today the new electricity prices that will be valid from January 1 next year.

The price of the first tariff block will decrease by 4.11%, while the second will decrease by 2.95%. Meanwhile, the price of the third block will increase by 0.85% and the price of the fourth block by 7.65%.

However, although a reduction in electricity prices has been announced, the VAT on electricity bills will be returned from 5 to 10% starting January 1st, which will practically increase the price for all tariff blocks.

With this, according to the calculation of the Macedonian service of Radio Free Europe, the price of the first block will increase by 0.4%, the price of the second by 1.7%, the price of the third block by 5.6%, and the price of the last fourth block by 12.8%.

Previously, RKE made changes to the electricity price in June this year and then announced that the average price for electricity for 99.8% of households would increase by an average of 7.4%.



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