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(Updated) Guide to the Old Bazaar in Skopje

Updated: Apr 5

People walking in the Old Bazaar in Skopje on a daylight
Old Bazaar, Skopje / Photo: SkopjeIN

The Old Bazaar in Skopje is one of the oldest marketplaces in the Balkans. This must-visit destination for any tourist in Skopje, with its cobblestone streets, would make you step back in time.

Dating back to the 12th century, the Old Bazaar situated on the eastern bank of the Vardar River, stretching from the Stone Bridge to the Bit-Pazar is home to numerous traditional craft shops, restaurants, cafes, and sweetshops. Visitors can enjoy traditional Turkish coffee, shop for local souvenirs, try delicious meat and sweets, and see many sights.

We covered some of the best spots in this bazaar, and all the places mentioned in this guide are highlighted on our map, which you can find at the end of the article.


Built in the mid-15th century by a Bosnian general, Chifte Amam - where the National gallery is situated at the moment. On the west side of the Old Bazaar the Eastern Orthodox Church of the Ascension of Jesus is situated, built in the mid-16th century. In the yard, there is a white sarcophagus containing the remains of the revolutionary Goce Delchev.

The Ottoman-era mosque Mustafa Pasha is one of the few mosques located in the Bazaar. The structure stands on a plateau above the Bazaar, built in 1492 by Çoban Mustafa Pasha. Another place worth seeing is the Kursumli An, an Ottoman caravanserai, built in the 15th or 16th century.

Don't miss the Suli An, which now houses the Skopje Faculty of Arts and the Museum of the Old Bazaar of Skopje.


Fill with some energy with some of the best kebaps, which could be found at the restaurants Pcela, Turist, Destan. Other meat options could be found at Teteks. If you are looking for lahmacun or pide, you should check out Galerija7.

Vegan and vegetarian options are also there, so make sure to search for Cigkofte.


Treat yourself with some baklava, Turkish delight or tres leches cake in Rigara sweetshop working since 1969, also find other sweets at Nexho sweetshop, in two locations in the Bazaar. Check the Turkish delight collection at Ambrosia shop, where you can find numerous sweets.

Find American sweets combined with the traditional ambiance of the Old Bazaar at K8 shop. If you are up for the famous Trdelnik - a coil of bread dough coated with sugar and other ingredients, make a visit to Transilvanisko trdlo.

Don't miss some of the classical sweets from the Evropa store. If you are craving some Greek donuts, find the Lokmades shop. Don't miss the San Sebastian Cheesecake in Delice.


Sample traditional Rakija from Macedonia in the specialized Rakija bar "Kaldrma", located at the beginning of the Bazaar. If you are up for some beer, try the crafts from Pivnica Star Grad.

Check out the unique coffee from a coconut shell at Molla coffee bar.

Eventually, if you are up for Turkish coffee, make sure to visit the Ottoman coffee place, where you can taste the traditional coffee made on hot sand.

Check out

Wrap your memories with some souvenirs at the Skopje artcraft shop or find them at the beginning of the Old Bazaar. Alternatively, find some of them across the Murat Pasha mosque, or on the path after the Stone Bridge, heading to the Bazaar.

Dozens and dozens of jewelry pieces for your taste are available on Goldsmith street (Златарска улица). Find Antiquities at the Dedo Atanas shop.


La Kaña Bar sounds postpunk, 80's wave, rock, indie, psychedelic, garage, goth, and electro music from Wednesday to Saturday - 8 PM to 1 AM if you are up for a party in the Old Bazaar.


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