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Citizens in Macedonia and Albania have the lowest average IQ in Europe - WPR

Center of Skopje / Illustrative image

Skopje, January 12 — The population of Macedonia and Albania has the lowest average IQ in Europe, according to the World Population Review.

The average IQ of the population in Macedonia is 81.91 and 81.75 in Albania.

Compared to neighboring countries, the average IQ in Bulgaria is 90.99, in Serbia 89.6, in Montenegro 85.78 and in Greece 90.77.

At the top of Europe is Belarus, Finland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

Meanwhile, citizens of Japan have the highest average IQ - 106.48, while citizens of Nepal have the lowest – 42.99.

"The average IQ in a country is calculated by starting with the country's average score in standard IQ tests, fine-tuning with national math, reading, and science assessments, and considering the overall data quality. The sources of data considered in this article vary by the number of variables considered, depth of analysis, and recency of data", World Population Review explains.

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